Enjoy a slice of an Asian sanctuary within this exclusive retreat set against a backdrop of lush sceneries and clear blue skies. With a warm Thai ambience echoing all around Phuket Mansions, human connection and a strong sense of community are interwoven in this idyllic escape. A relaxing haven that meets the needs of modern lifestyles has been achieved through a design approach intended to create the perfect balance between the urban and the natural environment. From the entrance gate to the residences, the interior spaces were designed to effortlessly blend with the outdoor environment to create an exciting sense of wonder in every step of the way.


Theme: Thai
Total Area: 13.96 hectares
Residential: 200 lots
Lot Size Range: 350 sqm – 870 sqm
Completion: November 2008
DHSUD LS No.: 16915-R4A-07-03

Amenities & Features

  • Main Entry Statement
  • Guard House
  • Landscape Features
  • Pocket Parks
  • Clubhouse/Multi-Purpose Hall
  • Swimming Pool